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Barefoot Walking is a rootsy, leftfield pop outfit, whose songs have an infectious, dance-funk twist. Barefoot Walking’s material has a deceptively cheerful surface that hides a far darker undercurrent. Let them pull you under.


Singer Livia Beasley and guitarist Anthony Grillo first made music together in the late ‘90s. In 2009, the two friends joined up again as Barefoot Walking.

​Bassist Brian Takacs and drummer Joseph Cruz drive their syncopated rhythm section. Griffin Sargent – on fiddle, keys, and guitar – deepens the rootsy vibe present in Liv’s classic Americana vocals.


The sound that emerges flows from folk pop and indie funk. City on the outside, country on the inside.


Barefoot Walking’s music has been featured in several short films, including "16 Minutes" and "Scavenging." Their album "Running With Sprinkles," and their singles "Wander," "Wanna Be the Girl" and "Playground" are available on iTunes. New music is available on Soundcloud.

The Band

vocals – Livia Beasley

guitar/uke – Anthony Grillo

violin/keys/guitar – Griffin Sargent

bass – Brian Takacs (formerly Peter Archer)

drums – Joseph Cruz (formerly George Scoufaras)

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